You want to know what one of the MAIN REASONS guy fail is?

Is it because they don’t do the right thing nutritionally?

Is it because they don’t do the right training program?

It’s NEITHER of those things specifically.

What it comes down to is NOT having the right EXPECTATIONS.

Sadly, in this day and age, most guys have been brain washed into thinking results come easy.

It’s the day and age of INSTANT GRATIFICATION.

All you typically see are hyped up promotions for the “newest” breakthrough in diet or training.

Unfortunately, it’s all BULLSHIT.

Yes, of course there are ways of doing things BETTER, but when it all comes down to the nitty-gritty, it’s always coming back down to HARD WORK.

And not only hard work, but COMMITMENT to the PROCESS.

This “process” is never-ending my man.

So, if you’re stuck in thinking it’s about some specialized 4-week program or 14-day quick, instant fix, you’re WRONG.


You have that type of expectation, you’re going to fail at pretty much anything.


Because when things don’t happen as fast as you’d “expect” them to, you’ll quit.

You’ll stop because you’ll have a story inside of your head telling you things should be going faster.

You’ll ask yourself, “why aren’t I seeing results faster!?”

Then, you’ll tell yourself that whatever it is you’re doing now, doesn’t work.

Then, you’ll look for the next quick fix.

The next “instant gratification” BS fad.

And when that doesn’t work in accordance to your “expectations”, you’ll quit again.

And there you’ll stay in that vicious cycle of starting and stopping…

Being stuck in this trap isn’t your fault completely.

Part of my mission is to help snap you out of it and show you the light.

To give you the RIGHT expectations.

The expectations of HARD WORK, Patience, Consistency, and Commitment.

Those are a tough sell.

No one wants to hear that crap…

But, it’s the cold hard TRUTH.

Whether you want to believe in it or not, it’s the only way.

When you come to embrace this truth, then and only then will I be able to guide you in the right direction.

I’m talking about helping build you into a better man both physically and mentally.

To MAXIMIZE yourself as a father and a leader for your family.

To stand up against the mediocrity BS that most of society has settled for.

A “Forged FATHER” doesn’t accept average, we REFUSE AVERAGE.

We go against the grain and make things happen.

We understand that things are going to be tough and if anything is worth having, it’s worth DOING THE WORK for.


Either way, the first step with any of this requires YOU to take 110% RESPONSIBILITY.



PS – Are you ready to change?

Or, is this just a bunch of crap?

I’ll let you decide by OWNING UP.