These are 10 principles I’ve gathers from my 5+ years of being a DAD that have helped me hold things together and keep my edge in life.
While I’m NOT perfect nor am I the world’s BEST DAD, I’m trying my best and will be damned if I ever settle for anything less.
I hope you find them valuable and put them to good use as they have served as key principles for me and my fellow dads within the Forged FATHER bring us all great success.
#1 – Self-Care Isn’t SELFISH
Think it’s selfish? Think again… How can you fill up everyone else’s cup if your own cup always completely EMPTY??
As a DAD, you need to be strong, healthy, and fit so taking care of your body is non-negotiable. If you’re not, you’ll be run down, tired, and sick.
A true leader takes care of himself, not for “selfish” reasons, rather it’s to maximize his ability to take better care of others.
#2 – Patience Is Key
The game isn’t won overnight. This goes for your body, your health, wealth, and relationships.
You have to be OK with not having the results you want instantly. Practicing delayed gratification and staying committed to the process will make the journey a lot more fun and successful.
#3 – Discipline > motivation
Motivation will always come and go so if you run off that, you’ll constantly start and stop and you’ll get nowhere fast.
Discipline is about doing the work you know you need to do no matter how you feel. If you want results, discipline is key.
Take 110% responsibility of all your circumstances and improve yourself at every chance.
Don’t BLAME… instead, OWN UP. This is the greatest type of mindset you can have that’ll create the most success for you in life.
Know your PURPOSE and keep it at top of mind. For me, my PURPOSE is my family and being the BEST MAN I can be for them.
This keeps the fire lit and burning hot which keeps me driven to keep pushing forward, especially through the tough times. When you lack PURPOSE, you’ll lack drive.
If you “say” it, then go out and PROVE IT. You are WHO you show up as every day.
You can’t just “talk” about what it is you want or WHO you’re trying to be… Show PROOF through DOING.
#7 – ACTIONS over outcomes
It’s important to set goals and have clear targets for yourself. Knowing the OUTCOMES we want to achieve gives us a clear VISION of where we want to get.
However, what’s more important are the ACTIONS you must consistently take to achieve the OUTCOMES desired.
Don’t deny who you really are… OWN up to your mistakes, your failures, and your true self.
You must be able to see the man in the mirror as your TRUE SELF because the man you see now is the same man that will need to do what needs to be done to change.
When you deny your own truth, you deny and prevent any sort of real growth and transformation.
The busier you get, the more FOCUSED and STRICT you must become with your time.
Everybody has 24 hours in the day – the difference between you being “too busy” and you being productive is through disciplined prioritization and planning.
#10 – Honor The Commitment
If you commit something, then COMMIT. You must be relentless and driven to push through the resistance life will never stop throwing your way.
When you’re fully committed, the decision becomes an easy one… there isn’t an option to quit nor does giving up ever cross your mind, only the commitment to keep going and pursuing excellence.
It’s really not that hard…
You just have to be willing to step up and TAKE THE ACTION necessary.
When you have the right type of support and a team to back you, it can make all the difference.
PS – If you know you need help with any of this – take action and book in a private coaching session with myself so I can help you map out a path to success.
It’s 100% FREE and on my time.
There’s zero obligation for you to work with me and it’s not something that’s a disguised “sales call”.
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