I work with a LOT of DADS who are short on time.

To challenge them, I create a LOT of quick Kettlebell supersets, circuits, EMOM’s, and AMRAPs to build strength and muscle but to also fire up the metabolism to shred away unwanted fat and the dreaded DAD BOD.

Here I wanted to share a new challenge I’ve put together called, “The DDB Challenge”.

If you’re wondering, DDB stands for “Destroy Dad Bod” and the DDB Complex will help to do just that…

The focus is simple – Hit the FULL complex UNBROKEN, rest 30 secs, then do it again but in reverse order.

This equals one full round.

NOT an easy task, especially with how I’ve laid out the movements with the complex.

While they flow neatly together, your grip, upper back, and shoulders, not to mention your lungs are all going to be screaming at you.

Try to do a total of 3-5 Complete rounds only rest 90-120 secs between rounds.

I tested this will a wee set of 35 lbs kettlebells.

I’ll give it a go again here soon with some 44’s and then try some 53’s.

It’s nasty.

Give it a try if you dare…

For the EX-Athlete DAD who has 20-30 lbs to lose so he can get back to looking and feeling like his old athlete self again…

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