Want to get shredded up???

I got 3 awesome and super effective “Get You Shredded” conditioning routines for you below.

Just note – these are for Warriors ONLY!


#1 – Brutal Bodyweight Push/ Pull/ Squat Strength Cardio Circuit

Do push ups for 30 secs then switch to pull ups for 30 secs then switch to squats for 30 secs

Hold a plank for rest period of 30-60 secs.

Repeat for 8 rounds.

***Movements can be switched to:

Different push up variations, handstand push ups, reclined rows, lunges, squat jumps, or lunge jumps


#2 – Sledge Hammer Density Sets

Grab a sledge hammer and an old tire.

Perform as many sledge hammer hits switching arms each hit in a 1 min period.  Rest for a full minute and repeat for up to 10 mins.

Count your reps each round and your score is the LOWEST amount of reps you get in a round.

If need be, start on a lower interval, such as 30 secs and progress up from there.


#3 – Farmer Walks and Sprints Combo

Grab a Heavy set of dumbbells, kettlebells, or actual farmer handles and perform a farmer’s carry for max distance.

Once you set the weight down, sprint the distance you walked and and then sprint back.

Right after that, pick up the weight you used and walk it back to the start.

If you have to drop the weight on the way back, do 5 burpees each time you stop as a penalty.

Rest for a good minute or two between sets and repeat for 4 total round or until your grip is totally finished!


There you have it!

3 Routines I use on a consistent basis to get in some BIG TIME conditioning and strength work in.

And s far as conditioning is concerned, I have just a few KEY points for you…

1) Don’t make conditioning be your #1 focus – Max and general STRENGTH work should be #1 above all else. Conditioning comes second.

2) Keep your conditioning under control – Don’t over due your conditioning.  Lots of athletes like to go overboard on this and end up burning themselves out and end up getting weaker and smaller in the process.  More is NEVER better.

3) Properly plan your conditioning – if your training for strength or adding muscle, leave your conditioning till AFTER you main strength work or leave it out all together.  If you’re going for straight up fat loss, add conditioning into your workout OR have a separate conditioning session all together.

Follow those basic guidelines and use the 3 routines I included above.

Now all you have to do is get after it like a TRUE WARRIOR and ATTACK! 

Test yourself!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – If you got comments, post them up below!