I think by now if you’re following this blog you know that running on a treadmill or jumping onto an elliptical will get you no where!

I guess I was just born with a natural direction towards hardcore methods of training because I hated regular cardio at an early age.

I was strictly a sprinter.

Maybe because I was short or I was naturally fast, I HATED to run long distances.

Who find running over 20 mins at a time fun?

A different breed I suppose.

Well, I want to share some of my methods I use to stay shredded and get my athletes shredded.

You won’t find any machines or exercises you do for over 20 mins.

These hardcore cardio sessions will be fast and super effective!

So get on em!

1) Battling Ropes

Mr. John Brookfield knows how to PUNISH people with ropes.

The man is a genius!  Battling Ropes are the real freaking deal for sure!

I got a 1.5 inch rope and a 2 in rope.  Both are 50 footers.

I’m just digging into the surface of what you can do with these bad boys.

I typically do 30-15 work sets or tabatas.

Battling ropes will give you a hardcore upper body workout and crush your core as well!

Check out the video below for some different variations….

Battling Rope Conditioning Exercises

2) Hill Sprints

You should know that sprints work well to melt body fat off the body.  Well hill sprints are sprints on steroids!  Especially when you can find a nice long hill that has about a 45 degree incline and is close to 80-100 yards long.

That’s what the old hill at Brickyard Park back in my home town hard!

That will was a BRUISER!

I still remember 100 degree days running those with a few of my football teammates.

We would ride our bikes there, which was about 3-3.5 miles and then do 15-20 reps of hill sprints!

Great for building speed, but even better for getting shredded!

When I go back home, I’ll have to get some present day footage of Brickyard Park and all of it’s great hills!

3) Long Cycles with The Kettlebell

Now I’m no competitive kettlebeller but I know a great fat burning routine when I see one.

Kettlebell long cycles will TEAR you up big time!

Some sets can go on for 40-45 mins.

That’s a lot of time under tension but it’s a great energy burner at the same time.

Grab a rather light to medium weighted bell, I use a 40lbs bell, and try to see how many clean and presses you can get (in good form) in 20 mins.

That will have you breathing for air and tearing your grip apart big time!

4) Bodyweight Density Sets

Super sets are great.  Circuits are cool.

But how about taking a few bodyweight exercises, say 2 up to 5 and keep hitting the circuit until time runs out.

Here’s an example:

1A) Squat Jumps x 5

2A) Plyo Push ups x 5

3A) Pull Ups x 5

4A) Jumping Lunge x 5

Repeat that set for ten mins and get as many rounds as possible in that time.

In a week, do the same circuit in the same amount of time BUT increase the number of sets you get.

That’s density training and you can apply it to almost anything.

I like to do it with bodyweight training especially when I go to the park or hit up outdoor workouts!

Head to the playground and hit that exact workout I got above and see how many rounds you can crank out in 10 mins.

5) Core + Kettlebell Super Sets

Kettlebells alone are great for burning fat.

I like to add in core movements to make it even more effective for shredding you up!

One of my favorite supersets to do are full kettlebell swings with hanging leg raises.

Or another favorite that I use for a finisher is doing Kettlebell Hand to Hand Swings and pairing that up with mountain climbers or full burpees.

That will shred you up good!

Essentially you’re taking two exercises that tax the body real well and doing them back to back for high rep sets.

I typically do sets of 15 for both, rest 30 secs and repeat that for 3-4 sets to end a workout.

It’s a great finisher style workout that will really crank up your conditioning and fat burning furnace.

There you go!

5 NO BS Cardio Methods to use for supreme conditioning.


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Live Aggressive and get Strong!


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