You ever just get the feeling that you have something deep within your soul that’s just waiting desperately to get out and unleash complete chaos on the world??

I felt like that today.

I’ve been feeling like that for a while now. It’s a MENTAL thing for sure!

Unleashing the Inner Animal…

Ever since I’ve been diving deeper into training my mind and doing more mindset technique work, I can truly harness this inner “animal” of mine a little bit better and it feels as if it gives me more of an edge.

Mental state is EVERYTHING.

It’s so much more important than I thought its crazy!

I wanted to share with you 5 things I’ve been doing the last few weeks that have really been giving me an edge not only when I train but in my life outside of the gym as well.

Here goes…

1) Write Down Your Top Goals

Every night, before I go to bed, I re-write out my top 5 goals.

Well, I actually do two lists of 5 goals.

One list is for my training goals and the other is for my business goals.

The key is to re-write them every night, not just read them.

You have a better mind-learning connection process that happens when you write things out than just re-read them.

Do this every night!

2) Visualize Success

I’m sure you’ve heard about Visualization before.

It’s when you see and go over certain situations in your head that you want yourself to go through.

I’ve really been visualizing different things lately that I wanted to happen and so far so good.

Before workouts, I see myself lifting a certain amount of weight or doing a certain amount of reps. I watch myself in my head do these things over and over and it’s really been paying off!

When you visualize enough, it’s almost as if our body gets used to already being through the actions that you visualize about.

Heavy stuff for sure, BUT IT WORKS!


I can’t stress this enough.

I used to have TONS of Negative self talk going on in my head.

In the gym and outside of it too.

I would tell myself I’m not good enough or think to myself that maybe this isn’t the right thing for me, the weight’s too heavy, I’m tired, ect, ect ,ect….

The fact is you can NEVER let a negative thought cross you mind because it will spread like a disease.

When you let this happen, Negativity will rule over you. NO GOOD.

Instead, think positive. With everything you do!

Learn how to turn negatives into positives. There’s always a positive in a negative, you just have to look.

When you start to realize how to look for just positives and block out the negative things in your life, you’ll see a whole new change!


This is a HUGE lesson I just recently learned about how much power it truly has  and I wish I had of known it a long time ago!

STOP blaming stuff on other people or things.

When you take control and assume 110% responsibility for everything in your life such as, your health, fitness, bank account, friends, success, ect, things start to rapidly change for the better!

It takes a bit of dedication and commitment for this type of mindset but, trust me, when you put this into action every day, you feel more confident and powerful just because you know you are in 110% control.


This is pretty self explanatory.

Be an action taker and make things happen!

Don’t wait for things to happen.

This goes for in the gym when you are training and anything outside of it.

For example, when you’re hitting a set of Deadlifts, don’t just lift the weights to lift, lift with some AGGRESSION and passion!  Get after it!

Don’t wait to get strong – Go out and MAKE yourself strong!

Be on the Attack at all times!

No one ever got anything in life from being timid and afraid.

Be unafraid and and willing to fail every now and then.

Failure is apart of life.  So is SUCCESS!

The important thing is, when you fail, you try again until you succeed!

Bottom line:  Being AGGRESSIVE and staying persistent will help you SUCCEED in anything you do!

That’s my two cents on Unleashing “The Animal” Within!

Hope you can take a few of these points and apply them to your own life!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Leave your comments if you feel me on this!