Do you know who Hershel Walker is???

He was an absolute BEAST and FREAK of nature!

He was FAST, STRONG, and could run through a brick wall!

The guy had extreme talent but you know what else?

He was built strongly upon the rule of SIMPLICITY.

In this day and age, too many athletes and trainees are getting way too confused with which type of program they need to be doing for this or that.

I too have made the ways of training too complicated before.  No one’s perfect!

But I quickly realized that BASIC and SIMPLE get the job done!

I finally realized this back in college when I started to really simplify my workouts down to 3 maybe 5 movements in a session.

My training partner at the time, who was an absolute BEAST in his own right, Adam and I would have very limited time to train together.

Usually only about 40-45 mins tops!

So we knew we would have to SIMPLIFY our workouts.

So we would pick 3-5 movements and get to work!

In our arsenal we had: Deadlifts, Squats, Overhead Presses, Bench, Olympic Lifts, and of course heavy doses of push ups, dips, and pull ups.

We would always make sure to start with an explosive movement first like a box jump, hurdle hops, bounding, or a power skip.

Super simple and super effective!

But what if you don’t even have that???

Well, Herchel is an example of what hard work can produce!

He kept things SIMPLE and got work done…


So, 1000’s of push ups, 1000’s of sit ups, 1000’s of pull ups and it’s been rumored, he sprinted over a 1000 miles in one year.

4 movements.


Just results…   So you think SIMPLE worked for him???


What a BEAST!   Built on Simplicity!

Let me ask you this real quick….

If you’re wanting a whole slew of SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE workouts, I’ve got just the system for you called , MINIMALIST TRAINING that is all about simple and effective workouts.

All of these workouts are designed to be completed in 40 mins or less with minimal equipment.

If you’re busy and want to MAXIMIZE your time, check this out…


In the meantime, make sure you not over doing things.

Just remember – K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid = More Strength and Muscle!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS –  Please leave your comments about some of the more “SIMPLER” workouts you’ve done that have gotten you BIG TIME RESULTS!