It’s THANKSGIVING here in the US!

I’m actually on my way to Brazil as we speak but I wanted to share my thoughts about what I’m thankful for…

First off all, I need to express my deep THANKS and Appreciation for everyone that comes to my blog and reads my posts and articles!  I’m happy I can help you in some way or another.  I’ll continue to share my passion!

Also, I must give THANKS to all of the people that have helped me get to where I currently am today.  My PARENTS, my bro and biz partner Joe, my other close friends, and especially the rest of my family.

I got my own gym and have a business that I’m 110% ADDICTED to!  Can’t help but say that I am truly BLESSED to be doing what I love each and everyday.

I plan on taking this way higher!


The sky is the limit!

And it’s like I always say,  “You’re NEVER good enough!”  “Always BE GETTING BETTER!”

I hope you have things that your THANKFUL as well!    Share in the comments section!

With all that being said…

Another round down!

This week’s HARDCORE HUNDRED was FAST, QUICK, and to the point!

Very simple.

Two moves.

The Speed Squat and The Turkish Get Up.

These both are great at working multiple muscles in the body.

The speed squat is great for lower body power.  It also works the upper body a bit as well.   If you perfrom it right, when you come up and out of your squat, you explosively row your arms back as you squeeze your shoulder blades together.  Doing this right will get you working your back as well.

Turkish Get ups are a little bit tough to learn how to do right if you’ve never done them before but they are worth learning.

Here’s a video breaking them down…


TGU’s are essential.  You gotta learn em and start throwin’ em into your routines!

If you want to really crank thi week’s Hardcore Hundred, feel free to grab a kettlebell and perfrom all the movements with that!

Weighted speed squats and TGU’s are killer!

Also, this Hardcore Hundred would be an excellent finisher for your workouts.  Throw it in there!


Do it BIG and do it FAST!



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