I’m here in Brazil kicking ass and taking names!

While its been extremely tough to stay connected to the online world, I still manged to get this video and post up for all of my loyal hardcore followers!

I make it point to get these into you each and every week!

This was a bad ass hardcore hundred!  Tough as hell too!

If you can’t do some of the movements, just regress them and go from there.

I certainly didn’t start out at the progressions!  It takes a whole lot of time to get strong with these so keep working and you’ll get there in no time!

I like this saying from Adidas…

Here’s this weeks Hardcore Hundred….  Straight outta Brazil off the beaches of Rio!


1A) Muscle Up x 33

1B) Squat Jump x 33

1C) Toes To Bar x 33

1D) Burpee x 1

I broke the sets up into 11’s.

For the muscle ups I should have kept going off the bat as I had a really good grove going…

Next time….

Now if you can’t do some of these movements, do these similar progressions…

1A) Jump Muscle Up (I did these for the last few reps) OR Ring or Parallel Bar Dips

1B) Deep Squats

1C) V-Seat Reaches

Get after it and remember….


Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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More to come!