Are you HIDING from THE FACTS??

What are “The FACTS”?

The FACTS are the TRUTH.

The numbers.

Things that you can measure.

Things like your age, height, weight, body fat %, blood work numbers…

Other things like your training stats, performance stats, calories and MACROS.

Then there are things like your income, the amount of money you have in your bank account, the amount of money you spend on sh*t you don’t need, the amount of money you owe in taxes…

There are facts that you can see and then there are facts that you can hide.

Facts that you can see include your physical body.

How you look in the mirror.

Do you like what you see?

If you don’t like it, you can easily hide your body beneath clothes.

But consider this for a second…

How many guys would be in much better shape if they all had to walk around naked all day?

Getting exposed to the truth with force you to own up to the facts real quick.

But for a LOT of men, they’re never truly forced to OWN UP to the FACTS.

They ignore the facts and just continue to hide their truth behind a mask or a facade.

They just put on a HAPPY face and act like everything is fine and dandy when they know deep down, they’re NOT OK.

Deep down, they’re f*cked up.

They hurt.

They don’t have the confidence they want in themselves.

They feel like a fraud.

And yet, these same men keep telling themselves stories about how they have total control over everything and that they can just make everything change “tomorrow”.

The BULLSH*T one-liner they tell themselves…

“I’ll get started and go 110% tomorrow…”

The word “tomorrow” will F*CK YOU UP.

In fact, it’ll completely destroy you.

Because if it’s NOT TRUE, it’ll just give you a completely false hope of actual change.

It’s all just a phony sense of ACTION.

If there’s anything I can tell you it’s this…

Face the FACTS.


It will set you free and take the weight off of your shoulders.

It’s natural to want to keep hiding the TRUTH because it hurts and it’s uncomfy to face the truth because it will EXPOSE YOU.

But, if you don’t face the facts, what will ever change??


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