Stepping away from the PROBLEMS: What the BUSY DAD needs to focus on to get the RESULTS he wants.

Just like any other dad out there, I run into my fair share of PROBLEMS.

But when you run into problems, you can’t focus in on them specifically, you have to focus in on the SOLUTION.

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the years, its to step away from the problem itself and break down the steps and actions that need to be taken to SOLVE it.

The reason my Forged FATHER Project is so effective is that it takes the BIG problems busy DADS are facing like:

1 – Not losing the weight

2 – Being run down and not having any energy all the time

3 – Having a HUGE lack of clarity with your NUTRITION and TRAINING

4 – Not liking what you see in the mirror

5 – Staying Motivated

6 – Not having any sort of guidance, support, or accountability

7 – Losing connection with your wife, kids, etc…

8 – Losing sleep because (all of the above);

…and breaks them all down into simple, ACTION steps.

For example, you start a new diet or workout program every few weeks only to QUIT a few weeks later.

You quit because you have no real CLARITY around where it is you’re actually wanting to go.

You quit because the diet or workout program you decided to do is a quick fix type solution and isn’t sustainable.

And you also quit because you don’t have a support system in place to keep you on track and accountable.

Of course, there are systems you have to have in place to keep you in check as you push forward on your journey because without it, you’ll continue to start and stop.

What you need is a step by step, “TAKE THIS ACTION” type program that guides you forward with a REAL MENTOR (not some PDF program or phone app) in the Forged FATHER.

There’s nothing else in the world like it, because –let’s face it– there’s a new diet and workout program that comes out every other day.

And if you really wanted to, you could easily get all of that stuff off of the interwebs for FR-EE just with a simple google search.

But when you do that, there’s NO kind of emotional investment made nor do you have to put skin in the game.

When that’s not done, you QUIT easy.

But I built the Forged FATHER around a COMMUNITY that are held together by coaching, connection, camaraderie, and competition because that’s what actually works.

You don’t need a new f*cking diet…

You don’t need to eat 110% “clean” all of the time…

You don’t need some flashy bullsh*t workout program…

You don’t need to spend 2+ hours in the gym “grinding” away every day…

You need a PROVEN path, and a mentor to guide you with a community of brothers to back you.

This is what the Forged FATHER is all about.

This week, I’ll be sending you some follow up messages on this (including this one). Here they are:

  1. How to solve any fitness problem
  2. How to never let “I’m Not Motivated” stop you again
  3. The Forged FATHER Path (the steps to DESTROYING DAD BOD for good and getting back your edge in life)
  4. How to move from one step to the next with mentorship.

If these already you, then the “INFO” isn’t really your problem.


So if, by the end of this week (or sooner!) you read something that makes you think, “Yeah, that makes a lot of sense,” I want you to take some action.

Book in for a FR-EE coaching call with me so we can get some clarity around the problems you’re facing.

That’s the first step.

From there, I’ll be able to tell you the next steps

What doesn’t make any sense at all is to WAIT…

Waiting gets you nowhere quick.