If you’re a DAD who’s SERIOUS about being the LEADER for his family, I know this will hit you hard.

If you’re a DAD and you feel like this might be talking right at you, it probably hits you even harder.

Might even make you angry..

You might even say, “F*CK YOU Travis, you don’t know me!”

Even better.

While I’m not talking directly at anyone in particular and I’m not trying to be an a-hole, I’m talking to the men who know they need to step their game up.

And the TRUTH hurts sometimes…

If what I say above makes you think a bit deeper about how you’re being lazy and NOT taking the actions you know you need to be taking, good.

If you’re having a constant battle with being ‘unmotivated’, maybe it’ll spark up a little fire under your ass so you DO start taking the damn actions you need to be taking.

I go through the SAME stuff…

There are days where I’m tired, I don’t ‘feel like it’, and I’m extremely ‘unmotivated’…

However, when I feel like this, all I think about is how I might look through the eyes of my daughters if I decide to give in to the resistance…

Will they see a lazy, excuses making, wanna-be leader that gives up when he’s feeling ‘unmotivated’ and tired??


Will they see a driven, hard-charging, REFUSE TO FUCKING LOSE, GLADIATOR LEADER?

(That fired me up just typing that!!!)

Think about it.

What type of EXAMPLE are you setting?

I don’t care much for what a man says in this day and age because TALK IS CHEAP.

Actions are where it’s at.

Go out there and BE GREAT today.

Go be the EXAMPLE.



PS -If you’re an ex-athlete dad and you want to surround yourself with other LEADERS for the extra guidance, support, and accountability, “The Forged FATHER Project” could be the very thing that’ll help give you exactly that.

So if you…

1 – Are a busy EX-ATHLETE DAD (you must have been an athlete in high school, college, or even pro)

2 – Ready, willing, and able to INVEST in yourself

3 – Have at least 30 mins a day x 4 times a week to take for yourself to train and push yourself

4 – Willing to track and dial in on your nutrition intake

5 – Are experienced with training with a barbell, free weights, bodyweight training + have access to a barbell and free weights

6 – Are coachable and can follow and stick to a plan of attack + you’re READY TO GO NOW (NO EXCUSES)

If you’re a 6/6 on the requirements above, APPLY AT THE LINK HERE


I have no time for men who’re full of stories and BS excuses.

I’m here to help LEAD and build men into BEASTS so they can be the best for themselves and their families.