I like to call this “FREAK” training because you build muscle and athleticism at the same time.

To build muscle you DON’T have to specifically do bodybuilding type methods.

So isolation type exercises and tons of volume isn’t necessary when training like I’m about to show you.

A lot of the methods I tie into how I train have come from different coaches I’ve learned from in the past.

I’ve taken many methods from Zach Even Esch and have blended in the “Underground” style lifting into my programs which help build mental toughness, raw strength, and rugged power.

Another HUGE influence in how I’ve developed my training style is from Jason Ferruggia.  He came out with a strength training manual that is pure gold called, Muscle Gaining Secrets.  I’ve taken many of the strength training templates as far as reps. sets, rest, and exercise selection from this very manual.

I still mold and craft the way I create programs for my athletes and myself through all the things I continue to learn.  Going “under the bar” is by far the BEST way to find out if something works.  This is why I still continue to train as hard I do.  So I can apply what I learn to those that I train.

It’s the only real way to do things!

Some things that I know work are what I’m about to talk about below.

So, let’s get into the 5 movements that will help build “Athletic Muscle”.

1) Power Cheat Curls

These hit tons of muscles in your body and help build power and strength.

These are a cross between cheat curls and hang cleans.  You grab the bar like a curl but you use your hips to explosively bring the bar up to your chest.

You build up your traps, upper back, shoulders, biceps, glutes, and hamstrings if you hit these right.

2) 1 Arm Power Press

Now mostly any movement that involves you standing and pressing heavy load over your head are going to be BIG for results.

Single arm power presses are golden at building strength, power, and muscle!   You also build up some serious core strength as well.

Basically what you do is grab a heavy kettlebell or dumbbell and rip it up to your shoulder.  Set yourself and quickly dip and drive through your hips while explosively blasting the weight overhead into the lockout position.

Lower the weight under control and you’re good!

I like hitting reps of 4-5 each arm.

3) Single Arm Bent Rows

Now bent rows are more of an isolation exercise, but not when your hitting single arm rows.

Just like single arm power presses, you force your core to work extremely hard.  You also work your glutes and low back as you force yourself to stay in a good tight position.

With these you can hit low reps with heavy weight OR bust out some high rep sets.  Here’s a video from a badass Mo Fo, Matt Kroczaleski, a STRONG powerlifter/ bodybuider….


Now since he’s going for such high reps and using a very heavy weight, he supports himself on the bench.

I like to focus on using no support.  Be bent with legs spread apart, opposite arm behind back, core tight, back flat and go!

Drive the elbow up to the sky and be as explosive as you can!

4) Power Cleans

These have been one of my favorite moves since I was just a weak ass little freshman back in high school.

It takes a while to get down proper form, but wonce you do, these are KING at adding thick traps, a strong back, and explosive hips.

Some coaches out there say power cleans don’t help with sport specific explosiveness.  This is true to an extend BUT, I know this guy is ripped, strong, and EXPLOSIVE as hell!

These are clean and jerks but he’s cleaning the weight up none the less!

Check em…


5) Sprinting

Last but least on the list, sprinting!

I can’t say it enough!  A person that doesn’t sprint is NOT an Athlete!

We were born to sprint!  When people neglect it, that’s when we get weak and unable to run fast.

I feel everyone should be sprinting in some form or another especially if your trying to get ripped and strong.

Hill sprints, straight sprints, resisted, you name it you need to be doing it!

Now, there are 5 moves you must be adding into your routines.

As I mentioned before, I’ve learned many things from Jason Ferruggia training manual, Muscle Gaining Secrets.

From that book, I’ve taken and have molded his basic template and it goes like this:

Start with an explosve movement such as a jump, olympic lift, or sprint.  Then do a heavy weighted strength exercise for low reps.  Follwo up with bodyweight and or dumbbell/kettlebell movements to supplement you other movemetns to work on volume and strength.  End with strongman movements for conditioing.

I take that basic template and blend it into my routines.

You get stronger, faster, more explosive, and RIPPED.

Here’s what I hit today:

1A) Single Arm Power Press 4 x 5/arm

2A) Front Squats 5 x 5

3A) Handstand Push Ups 4 x submax

3B) Bent KB Rows 4 x 6-10/arm

4A) Barbell Power Cheat Curls 3 x 6-8

5A) Hill Sprints x 8

This was a SICK workout.

Give it a ride for yourself!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Hardcore Hundred coming on Thursday!

Be ready for WAR!

PPS – I would strongly recommend checking out Muscle Gaining Secrets.  There are tons more workout routines just like the one I showed you above.  Aside from that, it’s mandatory reading in my mind if you’re serious about getting strong and ripped up!