So I’ve been getting a ton of emails wanting to know the type of music I listen to while I train.

Before I get into that, I want to speak a little bit more about Getting FIRED and JACKED up to train, play sports, or what ever it may be your getting pumped up about.

A lot of athletes just use music, which is ok, but there’s more to it than that…

No doubt music helps us get jacked up the best BUT you want to make sure when you are getting “mentally ready” to do battle, there’s got to be a deeper connection within your mind.

You want to have a visualization of what it is your about to do.

Whether that be going into a big match, game, or hit a big deadlift, try to stay somewhat “calm”.

Back in college when I played football, I was never the one to be running around the locker room, pounding my chest and helmet before a game.   I surely had a bunch of teammates that got FIRED UP before games and it was inspiring and entertaining to say the least.

I had my own way of “getting ready” for games.

Before I get into that, I learned this technique early back when I first stated to wrestle.

My wrestling coach from the time I was in 4th grade up until I was a junior in high school always did “Visualization Friday’s”.  This was a huge part of our weekly practice routine in high school.  We would always turn out the lights at the end of practice and my coach would take us through a whole match.  Start to finish!

We would of course always end by having our hand raised in victory!

This is absolutely CRUCIAL!  See yourself winning all the time!

It was amazing the detail he would talk about in the match.  It was like you were completely there!  At the end, you would be calm and collected but ready to freaking tear your opponents face off the next day!

It was amazing how much confidence and awareness you would have after these sessions.  I know it helped me a ton in wrestling and also football.

So back to what I like to do before games in college, I would find a nice quite spot and listen to music in my headphones.  While I did this I would visualize my success.  It helped a ton!

So, to be upfront about music and getting fired up for things, make sure you have a deeper connection, visually in your mind, and not just being all jacked up and out of control on the outside.

That type of preparation only lasts so long.  If you’re prepped internally, by visualization, you’ll be ready to roll!

Now, music is still a key factor in getting fired up!  So here’s what I listen to while I train!

  • Stone Sour


  • Hellyeah
  • Mudvayne
  • Korn
  • Metallica
  • Rage Against The Machine
  • Sevendust
  • Avenged Sevenfold
  • Black Label Society
  • Drowning Pool
  • Godsmack
  • Throwdown
  • Eminem
  • Rick Ross
  • 50 Cent

Lot’s more but that’s what is currently in my Zune “Going to Battle” Playlist.

So, what do YOU listen to??

Let me know in the comments section!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!