Another week, another HARDCORE HUNDRED!

This week I hitting one movement.

That’s it!

Just one movement…

Power Wheel Hand Walks x 100 Yards – Forward and Backwards!

Don’t know if you knew but I got my Power Wheel in the mail the other day and I was like a little kid on Christmas morning!

I ripped it out of the package and immediately got it out and started messing around with it.

This thing is by far one of the best all around bodyweight training tools there is!

You can do hand walking, various roll outs, leg curls, knee tucks, and tons of other variations.

I was going to try and make my own but honestly, this was a great investment.  It’s put together really nice and to try and make it would be difficult.

I plan on hitting a bunch of Power Wheel moves in my workouts from now on!


I got to hit my Hardcore Hundred session up with the Power Wheel

100 yard Hand Walk FORWARDS and BACK!

*** If you don’t have a Power Wheel, hit a 100 Yard Bear Crawl Forwards and Backwards***

See if I got it done…


Hardcore Hundred – Vol 3

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Here’s more info on the Power Wheel…

===>   THE POWER WHEEL  <===