This week’s Hardcore Hundred was another BRUTAL one!

I hit this after I trained my morning boot camps at a local gymnastics center, Premier Gymnastics.  This is an awesome place!

I’ve hit some other pretty brutal workouts in this gymnastics center before.  I’m thankful for the owners of this facility letting me come in to train my boot camps in the mornings.

They are good people!

I use this facility in the morning because my gym isn’t big enough for all the people I train in the boot camps.

This week I hit 3 movements:

Burpee Box Jumps, Sitouts, and Hanging Leg Raises.

All three movements hit the body well.

Burpee Box jumps require lots of power development, sitouts are great for core, shoulders, and mobility, and the hanging leg raises are awesome for your back and abs.

I’m kinda upset with myself as I looked back at the video and noticed I only did 22 burpee box jumps!  I must of miscounted!  HUGE mental error on my part!

Don’t let this happen to you!

Go ahead and hit this one up!


Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Got some ATLAS STONES coming in tomorrow!!!

Wait for some total CHAOS to be unleashed with those!

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