Hey Kids!

After a nice and much needed DELOAD week, I’m back at it!

I’m feeling great!

Today I’m focusing on HEAVY squats.

Front squats that is.

Had to get after this one.

I’ve been timing my workouts and trying to get under 60 mins EVERY time.

When you train longer than this, you get in danger of over training your body.

Your workouts should be short, INTENSE, and sweet.

Also, when you give yourself a time limit, it forces you to push harder than normal.

Don’t waste time doing stupid shit in between reps.

You need to be FOCUSED!

No phone or other distractions.

Come ready to GO TO BATTLE!

Remember, every time you train – IT’S WAR!



1A) Front Squats 5 x 5

1B) DB Jump Squats 5 x 5

2A) KB Bottoms Ups Press 5 x 6/arm

2B) 1 Arm Pull Up variations 5 x 6/Arm

3A) Bulgarian Split Squats w/ Sandbag 3 x 8-12  – Use different loading variations

3B) Loaded Ab Rollout variations 3 x 12

4A) Grip Work 4-5 Exercises x max holds/reps

I’ve been working on a SPECIAL little project that I will be giving AWAY FOR FREE!!!

If there are things you would like me to include such as…

  • core training
  • grip training
  • power training
  • speed and agility training


I’m created a BLUE PRINT on how to build muscle, strength, and power the best ways I know how!

i know there are a lot of these program out there BUT NOT Like mine!!!

This is for true GLADIATORS!!!

It will be for intermediate to advanced trainees.

Be on the look out!

Get Forged Strong!


PS – Leave your comments and suggestions!!!