I just couldn’t resist!

Our athletes were doing strongman day today so I just had to jump in and get the same workout in!

I’m at the end of my DELOAD week and was just feeling ready to kill it.

Always listen to your body!  If you’re feeling good, hit it hard!

If you’re not feeling so hot, just lay back a little bit and rest.

No shame in resting when you know you truly need it.

With that being said, I was feeling DAMN GOOD – so I hit it hard!

My traps are SHOT!

All for the greater good of getting STRONG!

I love this shit!

Check out a few highlights:



1A) Tire Flips 1 x 3, 1 x 5 timed

2A) Farmer Walks 2 x Max Distance

3A) Clean and Press 2 reps every 30 secs for 5 mins x 2 rounds

4A) Hand Over Hand Rope Pulls x 2 x 50 feet

5A) HEAVY Sled Drag Forward and Backward 2 x 70 feet

Get after it kids!