Here’s a quick tone for you:


They are coming to Omaha real soon!!!!

Can’t wait!

I hit this one real quick!

1A) Speed Deadlifts 8 x 2

2A) Pause DB Presses 5 x 5-10

2B) Mixed Odd Pull Ups (1 arm variations, rope, side to side, ect)  5 x S.max

I will be hitting this complex again and will get some good footage!

Didn’t have my damn camera with me!

5 Rounds For Time of the Following:

3A) KB Thruster x 6

3B) KB Clean x 6

3C) KB Swing x 6

3D) KB Push Up x 6

3E) KB Burpee x 6

3F) Sprint x 1

That is a mental tester right there…

I’ll be coming back with more real soon!

Get Forged Strong!