I went ahead and hit an EARLY morning training session today.

I had a hungry bunch of bootcampers eager to get their session in early this morning at 530am so I stuck around after and got rolling with my own session at about 615am.

I will not lie, the HEAT is a HUGE factor right now.

It was about 81 degrees with something like 90% humidity at 615am!!!

It was so humid that the floors in the gym were sweating – LITERALLY sweating!

The concrete was wet and the rubber matting in the gym was moist as well.


I zeroed in and focused on the task at hand – TRAIN my ass off!

That’s what I do and what I love to do!

Today’s training was mainly upper body focused.

I feel like I’m really gaining some steam and my strength is steadily climbing each and every week!

Hard work, good diet, and being consistent across the board are all paying off!

Here’s the Training Day:

1A) Power Clean to Push Press 6 x 1

2A) Bench Press (w/ 3 sec pause @ bottom)  5 x 5

2B) Landmine Bent Close Grip Rows  5 x 6-12

3A) Band Resisted Dips 4 x 6-8

3B) Weighted Pull Ups 4 x 6

4A) Banded KB Swings 3 x 15

My favorite band just released their NEW album – STAMPEDE!!!!  This kicks major ass!  Listen and Train Hard!


I’ll be hitting up a Crossfit/ conditioning workout tomorrow!

There I said it…. CROSSFIT!!!!

My new goal – To make the 2011 Crossfit Games!!!

This will be interesting!

Not that I dislike Crossfit, I just dislike those that feel they are “God’s gift of man” who are Crossfit affiliated or certified.

Not all Crossfitters are like this but the one’s I have met in person have made a bad name for Crossfit through being arrogant and stuck up.

Crossfit is just another form of training and I LOVE TRAINING in ALL FORMS!!

No one form of training is THE BEST!

The best form of training is having the KNOWLEDGE to know how to combine all different forms and modalities of training together to create consistent progress.


If you ain’t getting that, you ain’t SHIT!

Look forward to BIG THINGS kids!

Get Forged Strong!


PS – Hit up the comments and questions!!!