Well, it was a little bit of a surprise when I arrived to the gym this morning to find water had flooded the front room.


We had a nice little monsoon last night here in Omaha that brought heavy rain and high winds.

It’s all good!

With todays heat, the water dried up quick!

Now, about this workout I went through, in a few words – It was HELL!

It’s safe to say that this workout was definitely a conditioning type workout.

I would sure give anything in the world right now to be able to run on in sand or up a dune!

Don’t know but for some reason I thought about that today.

None of those around here in NE!

It whooped me good!

I know there are some areas I need to improve on if I’m going to make the 2011 Crossfit games come next year.

I got some time.  NEVER enough time – it starts now…

Here’s the workout:

Spit Out A Lung – 5 Rounds For Time

1A) Heavy Sled Drag/Pull x 50 ft

1B) Sandbag Sprint x 120 yards

1C) Plyo Push Up x 5

1D) Explosive Pull Up

My first time timing myself – 8:22.

My goal for next time around – Sub 8 mins.

We will see…

Get Forged Strong!