What’s up all??

I had a heck of a workout today!

What was more exciting was I found a place here in Omaha that has 2 inch thick rope!!!

I’ll be buying it up and having a nice little battling rope to play with as well as some more rope to climb.

2 inch thick rope is going to be SICK!

Stay tuned for videos and workouts with that monster rope!

So today I hit a lot of power movements and kept everything pretty darn HEAVY!

Here’s a tune to hit up next time you train hard!



1A) Broad Jumps 4 x 5

2A) Power Snatch 4 x 2, 4 x 1

3A) Trap Bar Deadlifts – Extended ROM – 5 x 5

4A) Weighted Blast Strap Push Ups w/ Feet Elevated 4 x Max

4B) L Seat Rope Climbs 4 x max

I was toasted after this one!

I will hit another conditioing workout tomorrow or Sunday for sure!

Now it’s  time for the weekend!

Get Forged Strong!


PS – Can’t wait for the new THICK rope coming!!!