The TRX is another tool that can be used to increase and decrease difficulty with a various amount of  training movements.

I for one am a HUGE fan of using the TRX for many different movements, especially when it comes to upper body training.

I was first turned on to the TRX when I was back training at a corporate gym.  I was searching around online for ways to implement hardcore training into the corporate gym setting and stumbled across a video with Navy Seals training on this weird looking contraption.  When I saw that Navy Seals, Special Forces, and Marines where all using the TRX while in the field to stay in top condition, I immediately bought me a TRX set!

When I first got it, it was funny to see people’s reactions when I was doing TRX workouts in the middle of a corporate gym floor!   Those people had NO idea!

Now, since I have my own gym, I got a few TRX training systems hanging up!  If you have a hardcore gym, or if your serious about your training,  it’s mandatory you have a set of TRX’s to train with!

With the TRX, there are endless amounts of movements you can add to your arsenal to build strength, muscle, and improve conditioning.   For the sake of this post, I’m going to be hitting on various movements for the upper body.

In this particular workout I hit in the video, I work a handstand push up ladder, a recline rowing ladder,   and I show you how you can take a simple push up with a TRX knee tuck, and turn it into a set from hell!


If you have a TRX or a homemade version, try hitting this little workout:

1A) Handstand Push Up Ladder –  3-5 reps at each position

1B) Recline Row x 3-5 reps at each position

**Try to go down and then all the way back up the ladder.

Another quick one to try that will light up your chest and abs, is the atomic push up ladder.

1A) hit 1 push up with 1 knee tuck, then 2 push ups with 2 knee tucks, ect…  See if you can make it to 10 (if you can)


Have a good time with these!

I’ll be hitting up future posts with more TRX movements and workouts using the lower body, full body, and core.

The TRX is a SOLID tool to have and I feel is mandatory!

Either invest into the real thing HERE or make your own.

I choose to buy my own just because when it is professionally made, it’s a little more convenient to use.  The other two I have, I won both in contests…

You can see both those videos below!

The TRX 40/40 Challenge….  Good stuff!


The TRX Burpee Challenge…  Even better!!!



Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Grab you own Hardcore TRX Training System HERE