Day 10 of the 12 Days of BADASSNESS

On The Tenth Day of BADASSNESS Travis gave to me…

–> 10 x Muscle Ups

You know they had to be coming at some point right?

The KING of upper body bodyweight movements.

One of the BEST, but also toughest of bodyweight movements a person can do.

Like any other movement, it’s all about PROGRESSION.

The number one key to getting a muscle up is to get strong with your strict chest to bar pull ups and strict dips.  Once you get efficient in both of those movements it’s then all about getting good at the transition.

Here’s the overview video for Day #10…

[embedplusvideo height=”365″ width=”500″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=Etuk_PAWQIA&width=500&height=365&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep1238″ /]

Muscle Up Progressions:

Strict Bar Muscle Up
Strict Ring Muscle Up
Kipping Ring Muscle Up
Kipping Bar Muscle Up
Jumping-Assisted Muscle Up
Recline Ring Row + Transition Muscle Up

The Challenge for Day 10 of 12 Days of BADASSNESS:

a) 10 x Muscle Ups
b) 9 x Pistol Squats per Leg
c) 8 x EROM Handstand Push Ups
d) 7 x Strict Chest To Bar Pull Ups
e) 6 x Hang Squat Cleans @ BW (or heaviest weight you can handle with good form and technique)
f) 5 x Thrusters @ heaviest weight you can handle
g) 4 x 20 secs on / 10 secs off Tabata rounds of KB American Swings
h) 3 x Snatch @ BW (or heaviest weight you can handle for a triple)

i) 2 x TGU’s / side @ 70# KB
j) 1 x 25 Burpees

Keep going H.A.M.

Live and Train Aggressive!

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