Day 9 of the 12 Days of BADASSNESS

On The Ninth Day of BADASSNESS Travis gave to me…

–> 9 Pistol Squats Per Leg

So up to this point we’ve hit the whole body with a whole slew of movements including chest to bar pull ups and advanced handstand push up’s so it’s only right we hammer the lower body with none other than pistol squats.

These are definitely one of the BEST lower body strength movements you can do and not only are pistol squats an amazing movement, but they’re downright hard to do.

If you lack in mobility or general lower body strength, you’re gonna be in trouble.

To help you out, I’ve got a good progression video for you below along with the overall of Day #9.

Here’s the overview for Day #9 of the 12 Days of BADASSNESS

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Pistol Squat Progressions:

Double KB Rack Pistol Squat
Weighted KB or DB Pistol Squat
Bodyweight Pistol Squat
Bodyweight Jungle Gym Assisted Pistol Squat
Box Assisted Pistol Squat
Box Step Downs
Drop Lunge
Split Squat

Here’s a quick Pistol Squat Progression Video for more Tips and Tricks:

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The Challenge for Day 9 of 12 Days of BADASSNESS:

a) 9 x Pistol Squats per Leg
b) 8 x EROM Handstand Push Ups
c) 7 x Strict Chest To Bar Pull Ups
d) 6 x Hang Squat Cleans @ BW (or heaviest weight you can handle with good form and technique)
e) 5 x Thrusters @ heaviest weight you can handle
f) 4 x 20 secs on / 10 secs off Tabata rounds of KB American Swings
g) 3 x Snatch @ BW (or heaviest weight you can handle for a triple)

h) 2 x TGU’s / side @ 70# KB
i) 1 x 25 Burpees

Keep up to date in the comments below!

Live and Train Aggressive!