Day 2 of the 12 Days of BADASSNESS

Alright, we’re getting right back into it!

On The Second Day of BADASSNESS Travis gave to me…

–> 2 Kettlebell Turkish Get Ups / Arm @ 70# KB (or heaviest YOU can do)

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Turkish Get Up Tips and Tricks:

  • Mobility is critical to have in order to perform full TGU’s
  • Always break the movement down into steps first
  • Strong shoulder and core stability are essential
  • TGU’s are one of the BEST full body core movements there is when done right

The Challenge for Day 2 of 12 Days of BADASSNESS:turkish get up

a) 2 TGU’s / side
b) 25 Burpees as FAST as humanly possible

Yes, still not that tough yet, but there’s 10 more days to go…

Use these first few days as a nice finisher to your regular strength training sessions and make sure to post up how you do in the comments below!

Live and Train Aggressive!

PS – Having trouble with the Turkish Get Ups?

I bet you have  TIGHT HIPS.

Improve your ability to MOVE = Improve your ability to PERFORM = IMPROVE YOUR RESULTS!

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