It’s that time of the week!

Hardcore Hundred Time!

Hit this up and post your numbers in the comments section below…

That if if you’ve got the “balls” to…

Or, maybe you’re too LAZY and won’t even do the Hardcore Hundred….

Prove me wrong!

I want ass-kickers and go-getters on here following me ONLY!

I want to see some participation!  Get after it!

This blog is for YOU and to get YOU better!

I hope you’re not just sitting on your ass at home reading these blogs and WISHING you were doing the workouts.

You’ve got to take action!  Get with it!

With that being said, here’s this weeks Hardcore Hundred….

As you can see, I’m fired up!  I want people to start making some moves and getting after some of these workouts I post on here.

I get a ton of emails from people following up, but post them up on the blog as well!  Let other people see what you got!

Now, on the other end of things, you notice I hit movements that I’m WEAK at.

In my last post about weaknesses, I hit on Pistol Squats and how much I hate to do them.  Well, instead of staying away from them, I hit them them full on!

This is what you must do in life to be a SUCCESS.

Attack the things you’re not good at and balance yourself out better.

In the end, you’ll be way more STRONGER as a whole!

The Hardcore Hundred – Vol 2

1A) 25 1 arm push ups / side

2A) 25 pistol Squats

3A) 25 Chin Ups

3B) 25 Pull Ups

Now go out a be a COMPETITOR!

That’s what I want on my side –  People that COMPETE!

If you ain’t COMPETING, you’re LOSING!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Post your numbers in the comments section!