Ok, I wanted to pick up right where I left off from the first part of the list!

If you want to become a complete badass Mo Fo, you’ve got to be doing most of these things I speak of otherwise, you’re missing the boat!

If you haven’t yet, read Part I HERE.

Let’s get right into it shall we….

7) Foam Rolling

You make think this is for pussies or weak yoga /Pilates type people, well you’re wrong!

If you haven’t tried foam rolling or don’t currently have it in your warm-up and cool downs, you’re missing the boat BIGTIME!

This is the key to you getting stronger, faster, more explosive, and injury free!

It works magic!

I made my own foam rollers because most of the ones you buy are complete shit!

Here’s a quick video of me making one that will last almost forever and is 110% more effective!

How To Make Your Own Foam Roller

If you want to throw around heavy weights, get fast and explosive, you gotta treat your body right and foam rolling is the key!

8) Press Heavy Things Overhead

There’s nothing better out there than ripping something heavy off the floor and pressing it over head.

Think about it for a sec. Back in the old days, the old time strongmen, they were known for lifting unbelievable amounts of weight overhead! These dudes were badass Mo Fo’s for sure!

But I like to think if you can lift your own bodyweight up and over your head at least 10 times, that’s pretty badass!

That shows some true FULL BODY strength and power right there!

The different options you have as far as what to press overhead is limitless!

Kettlebells, kegs, sandbags, PEOPLE, tires, barbells, dumbbells, you name it, it can be lifted overhead if you truly wanted it to be!

Start testing your limits!

This guy is a complete Badass Mo Fo….


This should be self explanatory, especially if you’re presently on this blog!

You shouldn’t let things or other people be the reason you fail…. EVER!

Take FULL responsibility for every single thing you do or don’t do in your life and accept NO EXCUSES.

If you have the guts to do this, I assure you will be one badass MO FO!

This ties in with having a strong compassion for being successful and the willingness to prevail no matter what!

If you agree to these terms, go ahead and JOIN ME and my League of Hardcore, Mean , No Excuses Living Mo Fo’s if you haven’t already!

Together we can live the NO Excuses Lifestyle!

10) Deloading Does A Body Good!

Every once in a great while you need to allow your body to rest after the continual pounding you give it each and every training session with your hardcore training.

The deload is when the true magic happens.

Your muscle’s repair and grow during deloads. From this you also get stronger.

After a DELOAD week you can expect to come back stronger and more explosive.

I’ve experienced my BEST gains after a deload week.

If you’re not sure what a deload is, CLICK HERE .

Basically in a nutshell, a deload is when you let your body rest up a bit by doing mostly bodyweight type movements, light kettlebells, bands, and some light sled work as well.

You want to stay active but at the same time, allow the spine to recover by not directly loading it with heavy weights.

Seems like you may be taking the easy way out but more is never better….

Let yourself DELOAD every 4-6 weeks and you’ll be a complete badass MO FO!

Okay, I hate to spoil your fun, but I’m going to end on that note.

The good news is I got the last 5 keys coming up on how to become even more badass!

As always, leave your thoughts and comments!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!

PS – Will be back with the next 5 tips soon!

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