Here’s Part I on how to become a complete badass Mo Fo!

Pay attention!

1)      Have A Killer Mindset

In order to begin your journey to becoming a complete badass MO FO, you need to be right in the head.  If you don’t BELIEVE that you’re a badass Mo FO, you’ll NEVER be one.

Everything starts in the mind.

The difference between being successful and unsuccessful can be a very fine line.

Being a true badass Mo Fo comes down to you having the confidence, motivation, and intestinal fortitude to achieving success no matter what.

You need to be fearless!

If you mind isn’t set right, as in that you have no faith in your abilities, you’re lazy, you have zero confidence in your potential, or you’re just plain afraid, you’ll be a loser.

Gotta get that mind right!

2)      Sprint, Jump, and Hop Every Single Day

If you’ve read my blogs before, you already know I’m all about sprinting, jumping, and hopping.

Athlete or non-athlete, you need to be training like on.

Sprinting will keep you lean, strong, and athletic.  Jumping and hopping around will also keep you very athletic as well as increase your explosiveness.

Gotta have these types of movements including into your everyday routine!

I would say sprint at least 2 times a week and add in various jumps, skips, and hops into your training a few times a week as well.

3)      Drag, Push, and Pull Heavy Things Around

This goes for sleds, tires, cars, trucks, whatever you can get your mitts on!

Dragging, pulling, and pushing heavy things around such as sleds, prowlers, vehicles, and tires will definitely make you into a badass Mo Fo!

Pushing, dragging, and pulling objects is so simple and super effective.

It builds great levels of both strength and conditioning.

If you don’t have a truck or even a car to push around, grab a tire and drag it!

I thought it always looked easy until I did a 20 min death set of continuous tire sled drags filled with a 40 lbs sandbag!

Not easy!

4)      Eat LEAN and MEAN

You don’t perform or look well eating sugar and sweets!  Anyone should know that and if you say you don’t, you’re full of shit!

To be a badass Mo Fo, you need to be eating lean and mean at least 90% of the time.

So I’m talking about eating lean meats, tons of fresh veggies, fruits, and healthy fats.

This also means cutting out all the crap like fast food, processed goods, most of your grainy carb sources, and desserts.  You can still have your fun but you must be discipline!

What’s a soft, flaccid body look like to you??  NOT Bad ass!

You need to be LEAN and MEAN so eat like it!

5)      Set Goals

This may be one of the most important aspects on how to become a total badass Mo Fo!

If you don’t have goals, you are planning to fail my friend!

The truth is we all have desires and wants.  We have visions of where we want to be.

With our job, family, sports, education, and life, we need to set goals for each of these.

We need to have specific goals set to make sure we have a road to travel on.  Otherwise, you’re just floating around in the wind!

***DO THIS NOW****   Go right now, grab a piece of paper and at the top of that blank piece of paper,  write “I will become a total badass Mo’ Fo by accomplishing  ________ (insert your goal here)

Once you set that goal, set another one, and another, and so on and so forth.

Do this until you have 5 solid goals to shoot for.

When you have those 5 goals down, start writing up sub-goals  for each of the 5 top goals.

Basically what you’ll be doing is creating smaller steps to get to your overall top 5 goals.  It works wonders!

Make sense??

If you want to become a complete badass Mo Fo, you’ll follow through with this, no questions asked!

6)      Deadlift Often!

This shouldn’t be news to you.

Picking heavy things up off the ground with deadlifts is the BEST way to add slabs of muscle onto your body while increasing your overall strength at the same time!

Deadlifts ====>  Hands down the BEST!

If you aren’t deadlifting, you ain’t a badass!

Get after it and starting pulling up some heavy ass weight!

I’m going to go ahead and end Part i right there so you have some time to catch up if you need to!

I’ll be back with Part II on some more ways on “How To Become A Badass Mo Fo very soon….

In the meantime, make sure to let me know your thought in the comments section!

That is of course, only if you’re a badass Mo Fo you will….

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!

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