Lean and Mean – Day 1 Week 2 –  Pull Heavy or Die

Hit this workout early after training boot campers!  Got a busy day but NO EXCUSES!  Get it in where you can fit it in!

I hit my max heavy pull day.  Felt a little off but still had a good one.

Here it is – Pull Heavy or Die!

1A) Deadlift 6 x 3, 5, 3, 5, 3, 3, 1, 1 (hit 455 for last set)

2A) Barbell Snatch 4 x 3 (hit 155 smoothly)

2B) Muscle Ups/ Incline Blast Strap Push Ups 4 x 8-Max  (First two sets were muscle ups, then hit blast straps..)

3A) Sandbag Clean x 8

3b) Kettlebell Swing x 20

3c) Prowler Sprint x 60′

Repeat circuit 3 times

I hit this one quick!

I came back later in the day and hit some more:

1A) DB Bench 3 x 8-12

1B) V-Bar Pull Ups 3 x submax

2A) Handstand Push Ups 3 x submax

2B) DB Pull Overs 3 x submax