Lean and Mean Day 2 Week 2

This was another good one!

My cleans are feeling strong as hell!  Fast. Smooth. Explosive!

I’m getting there but still in the making!

Gotta remember its an ALL OUT war every day!

Gotta come prepared to do battle everytime I train!

Lean and Mean  – Day 2 Week 2 “Clean, Squat, Press, and Shut Up!”

1A) Clean to Front Squat 5 x 8, 5, 5, 3, 3 (hit 225 for last round)

1B) Explosive hands to butt push ups 5 x 6-8

2A) Weighted Push Ups 4 x max – 100# x 12, 125# x 10, 150# x 8, 150# x 8

2B) Bent 1 Arm Fat Bar DB row 4 x 8-12

3A) Farmer Walk x max distance – 130# handles x 75 yds

3B) Hill Sprints x 5

3C) Walk Farmer Handles back –  130# handles x 80 yds

Hit the foam roller on the back real good and called it a day!

Get Forged Strong!


Check this out – this will put you in the mood to train!