Had a intense workout with this one!

It was quick and to the point but INTENSE!

That’s what counts!

Here it is:


1A) Floor Press w/ Chains – 10 x 2, 1 x max

2A) Heavy Sandbag Clean to Lunge Complex – 3 x 4-8/leg  (start with 4, then 6, then 8 per leg = BRUTAL)

2B) Close Grip Pull Ups 3 x Max

3A) Chain Push Ups 2 x Max

3B) KB Swings 2 x 30

4A) Prowler Sprint/Drags 2 x 5 trips

This workout again kicked my ass in a short amount of time!

I feel my presses getting a little bit stronger each and every time I max out on em.

Still can NEVER be satified!

I’ll keep attacking and getting after it for sure!

Until next time,

Get Forged Strong!