It’s getting hot in Nebraska!

Time to really pour it on!

When other dudes are nice and comfy in their commercial gyms, I’m gonna be grinding it out at my BATTLEGROUND at The Forged Athlete!

Today’s workout crushed me good, like always.

If workouts ever get easy, you ain’t pushing the pace enough.

Add weight, decrease rest periods and fucking get after it!

No Excuses!

Here it is – Lean and Mean – Week 5 Day 2 – Squats from HELL!

1A) Squats 5 x 5 + 1 Widow Maker Set x 20 reps

2A) Weighted Dips 3 x 8

2B) Mixed grip Pulls Ups 3 x Max

3A) DB Squat Cleans to Thruster 5 x 6-8

4A) Sprint 150 yards and back x 1 x 3 rounds

4B) 20 KB Swings

My heart was about to explode!

My legs felt like rubber!  Need to add a little more distance running to my schedule… NOT!

Fuck long distance running!  Sprint!

Till next time,

Get Forged Strong!