You familiar with “Strap Training”?suspended handstands

If you been following my blog for a while now, you’d know I’m a HUGE FREAK when it comes to “strap training” or what’s also known as “Suspension Training”.

If you’re NOT yet familiar with what suspension training is, I’d make sure to catch yourself up to speed HERE.

Now, I get questions all the time about Suspension Training.

One of the most common questions I get about it is, “HOW can I incorporate Suspension Training into my workouts the BEST?”

Well, instead of just supplying one answer for this one, I thought I would give away FIVE.

So, here’s 5 of my TOP favorite ways to use Suspension Training:

#1 – FULL Body Circuit Training

In my mind, one of the best ways to incorporate in suspension training into your training program is via a good ol’ circuit.

Typically I’ll add

One of my favorite circuits of all time way this one…

[embedplusvideo height=”402″ width=”500″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=w3hX5hWOq4Q&width=500&height=402&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep1329″ /]

Here’s how this goes…

  1. KB Goblet Squat x 10
  2. Suspended 1 Arm Reach Out Push Ups (Advanced Level Push Up) x 10/side
  3. KB Swings x 15
  4. Recline Rows x 15-20
  5. Single Arm KB Clean and Press (Do Both Arms) x 5/arm
  6. Assisted Pistol Squats x 8 / leg
  7. Double Unders x 50
  8. Suspended HSPU’s x 10

As you can see from this set up, you’re hitting the WHOLE body from multiple angles.

This exemplifies how easy it is to blend suspension training into a quick circuit.

This would most definitely be a circuit that’s mainly geared towards conditioning and shredding fat off your body, but it could still work well for strength and building muscle as well.

Overall a POWERFUL set up and one of my all-time favorites.

#2 – Bodyweight POWER + Suspension CORE

I like to use this type of set up at the beginning of a training session when I’m fresh.

The first movement is a POWER movement which requires a lot of INTENSITY, but only for a very short amount of time.  So, something like a MAX effort box jump, or series of broad jumps.  In short, the first movement needs to be something highly explosive and plyometic in nature that’s meant for pure power.

The second movement is where the suspension movement would be added in.  For this, I select a movement that will target my CORE, so something like a suspended plank, knee tuck, pike, or similar.  The CORE movement while still giving me a nice training effect, will also allow for a bit of rest between the explosive bouts of power with the first movement.

Here’s some of my favorite POWER / CORE combos:

—> Box Step Jumps OR Max Effort Box Jump + Suspended Full Body Roll Out

—> Triple Broad Jump (3 jumps in a row) + Suspended Double Knee Tucks

#3 – Heavy Strength + Suspension Assistance

This is a combo works like a charm!

The set up is real basic.

The first movement would be a heavy strength based movements such as a deadlift, squat, or overhead press, ect.  Something HEAVY 😉

Now, instead of directly supersetting or combing your strength movement with the suspended movement, you’d wait until after you’ve hit your sets of your Heavy Strength movement first, then you would crank out your suspended movement which would serve as a good “assistance movement” for your heavy strength movement.

My favorite combos for this set up are:

—>  Deadlifts + Suspended Leg Curls

—> Barbell Front Squats + Suspended Bulgarian Split Squats

—>  Overhead Military Press + Suspended Handstand Push Ups

#4 – Super Sets

Ah, now who doesn’t love a good ol’ superset.

With suspension training, you have a whole slew of different combos and set ups you can use for supersets.  My favorite way to set these up is to use the classic “non-compete” way of supersetting which means you pair up two different movements that work opposite of each other.

For example, a Suspended Curl + Suspended Skull Crusher would be a perfect superset.

suspended arms

With Suspended Curls, you’re crushing your biceps and then while you would normally rest after your set, since we’re hammering out a superset you would instead crank out a set of Suspended Skull Crushers which are now working the triceps.

This would be a classic set up of a “non-competing” superset.

My other TOP favorite suspended supersets are:

Atomic Push Ups + Feet Elevated Recline Rows (PUSH and PULL Superset)

Assisted Pistols Squats + Single Leg – Leg Curls (Simply BRUTAL)

#5 – Compound Sets

Now, if you’re looking for an AWESOME method to gain some muscle and get jacked, this set up uses a Weighted Movement first then has you go straight into a suspended movement which will have you getting super pumped.

I was doing these back in my ol’ bodybuilding days and this method also happens to be a favorite of “Mr. Kill Mode”, Dan Long as well.

Check it out…


Some of my all time favorite set ups of this method are:

Barbell POWER Cheat Curls + Recline Suspended Face Curls (PULL Focused)

Close Grip Bench Press OR Weighted Dips + Suspended Skull Crushers (PUSH Focused)

So there you go!

Those 5 different set ups will give you a TON of different and highly effective ways to CRUSH your training results while implementing in the ever so powerful Suspension Training System.

Live and Train (Suspended)!

PS – Let me know which one of these 5 methods is YOUR personal favorite!

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I give this the 110% H.A.M. Stamp of Approval.