Arnold - Staying "HUNGRY"

When I was younger, my dad ALWAYS used to say to me, “You know there’s always going to be someone out there stronger, faster, and BETTER than you!”

This can’t be more true!

I’ve kept that quote in the back of my mind and remind myself of it all the time.

This keeps me working to always striving to get better and NEVER stay the same.

You can never grow comfortable with where you are in life.

Enjoy things, but never be totally comfortable.

If you ever start to think about how you may be “the best’ or you can’t get any better and you “know it all” and you don’t need any more help, you’re in big trouble!

A good saying I read a while back that I really enjoy by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell wrote something along the lines about champions and contenders.

I really enjoyed this saying in that, contenders are HUNGRY and always working harder to get to the top.

When a guy finally reaches the top and becomes the “champ”,  he gets into trouble.

Here’s why – As a contender, there’s a reason to get better, which is to reach the top.

When this finally happens, the champ gets comfortable with being at the top and loses that “hunger”.

That’s when he gets into trouble.  Now instead of being the hunter, he’s the hunted.

If you want to continue to be the very best, you need to figure out how to keep that HUNGER for success.

As in training, business, and life in general, it applies to all!

So to that, Stay HUNGRY my friends!


Here’s my training for today:


1A) Bench Press 5 x 5

2A) Bent Barbell Rows 4 x 8-10

2B) Ring Dips 4 x 8-10

3A) Ring Push Ups 3 x Submax

3B) Hand over Hand Rope Rows 3 x 50 ft.

4A) Carry Medley – Overhead Sandbag walk + SB Zercher Carry + Towel KB Carry 4 x Max

4B) Ab Circuit – Ab rollouts, hanging Leg Raises, TRX Pendulum Swings

Tomorrow is REST DAY!

I’m gonna find a nice pool to chill by…



PS – Let me know what your favorite bands are to listen to while training!!!!

I would like to know!