I got a solid workout for you to test out.

All it requires is a double set of bells.

Something you know you can Strict Press overhead for a solid 5 reps.

You could also do this with two DB’s.

Either way, this is a perfect set up to hit if you’re short on time and want to get the most bang for your buck with little to no time or equipment.

And since the holiday season is coming up in less than a week, I’m pretty sure you’ll be short on time.

But that’s NOT an excuse to skip out on training your body.

Unless of course… you’re LAZY.

If you’re LAZY, that’s just too bad.

Maybe you need something extra to get you fired up and excited to train again??

If so, try this…

1A) EMOM x 12 Mins
Odd – 5 Burpees + 5 Strict OH Press
Even – 6 Renegade Rows / Side

For the above…

You’ll have a clock running and you’ll go “Every Minute on the Minute”.

The first minute you’ll do 5 Burpees and go straight into 5 Strict OH Presses.

Rest the remaining amount of the minute.

Then on the 2nd minute, you’ll hit 6 Renegade Rows on each arm.

You have a full minute to get this done.

Once the next minute comes up, you’ll go back tot he ODD minute.

Repeat until you’ve hit 6 rounds on each movement.

Once you finish that, we move onto 2A), which has the SAME setup, just different movements…

2A) EMOM x 12 Mins
Odd – 10 Front Rack Walking Lunge / Leg
Even – 15 Double Russian Swings
***If you’re using DB’s, do Double DB Outside Swings”

After you hit that, you’ll be feeling if you weren’t already.


3A) For Time
45 Double KB Thrusters
***Every break, stop and run 200m
***If unable to run, do 20 Burpees
***8 Minute Time Cap to complete
***SCORE = Time completed

If you can go UNBROKEN for all 45 of those Thrusters, you’re either a certified BEAST or you’re not going HEAVY enough with your KB’s / DB’s.

The prescribed weight on that would be Double 53’s on KB’s or 50’s on DB’s.

Hit it and see how you do.

This whole set up would only take you around 40-45 mins at the MAX.

Good times…

If you need something to hit, give it a try.