So if you’re wondering what R.A.T. stands for, it means “Remaining Amount of Time” and it’s an evil interval method I’ve been integrating into my own training programs as well as with my athletes and clients.


In a nutshell, I use the E.M.O.T.M. interval method, but combine that with a bit of a twist.

So, basically “every minute on the minute” I start off with a certain movement and in order to get to the second movement, you must complete the allotted amount of reps for the first movement.

The first movement rep total will stay the same.  Usually it’s only 2-5 reps.

The second movement is the movement you’ll be hitting for R.A.T..

What I like about this interval method is the challenge it provides.  I use the second movement to score my overall performance.

That’s exactly what you’ll be doing with this week’s Thursday Throwdown…


To recap, this is how it’s going down:

6 Rounds Of – E.M.O.T.M.

1A) 4 Single Arm Squat Cleans w/ DB OR KB

1B) R.A.T. – Burpees

You must complete 4 single arm squat cleans at every top of the minute before you proceed to your burpees.  Make sure to switch arms each round.  Also, you can use either a dumbbell or kettlebell.  Doesn’t matter just make sure you pick a weight that’s challenging.

Count your burpee reps.

Your score is the overall amount of burpees you do + the weight of either the DB or Kettlebell you use.

For me, I hit 77 total burpees while using my 70 SKULLbell = 77 + 70 = 147

Not too bad…  Would like to see myself get a 160 next time.

I’ll be hitting this one up again down the road for sure.

I want to see how YOU do!  Go grab a good sized dumbbell or kettlebell and get to work!

The critical thing here is that you make sure you do the squat cleans properly.

Use your hips to clean the weight up first and then make sure you’re getting your “ass to the grass” on the squats.

DON’T sacrifice sh*tty form for the sake of a few extra reps.  GO HARD, but be smart!

Remember what I just talked about in my last video – Train Hard. Train Smart. Don’t Be A Dumbass 😉

KNOW your limits and then PUSH your limits.

I look forward to seeing your results in the comments below!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!

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