Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting bombarded with emails asking about Sprint sprint trainingWorkouts.

About a week ago, I shared a sample “Shred Sprint” routine taken from my “Shredded In 7” Sprint Manual which is what I like to call an “E.M.O.T.M. Sprint Session”.

While only 12 mins short, it’s TOUGH and a lot different then what most people are used to in a sprint session.

If you missed that, you can check out the details here —> 12 Min Sprint Routine.

Now, one of the main questions I’ve been getting in this regard is if there’s a difference between Sprinting for Performance and Sprinting for Fat Loss.

The answer is YES.

I’ve laid out the finer details within this video to help you out…

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Performance Based Sprinting Keys

  • Intensity = HIGH QUALITY REPS – 100% Effort @ FULL Speed
  • FOCUS =To Increase Top End Speed, Speed Endurance, Acceleration
  • Rest = Moderate to Long – Must allow body to recover fully between efforts in order to train at 100% effort and speed each set.
  • Volume = LOW to Moderate – this is due to the frequency being higher but volume is LOW due to the amount of QUALITY and INTENSITY that is needed in each session
  • Frequency = 2-4 maybe even 5 Days a week – depending on sport, skill level, ect
  • Main type of training will always be dependent on the actual SPORT your training for.
Sample SPEED / PERFORMANCE Based Sprint Workout
A) Long, Focused Dynamic Warm Up with Extra Form Running / Technique Drills
a) 60 yard Sprints x 3 @ 100%
b) 80 yard Sprints x 3 @100%
c) 100 yard Sprint x 1 @ 100%
***Rest 3-5 mins between efforts
As you can see with this workouts, it’s all focused on INTENSITY and QUALITY of work with lower volume and longer rest periods.

Fat Loss, AKA “SHRED” Sprint Training Keys

  • Intensity = 100% Effort and INTENSITY on all sets – a MUST for desired outcome
  • FOCUS =  To SHRED fat off the body plus maintain and increase strength, power, athleticism
  • Rest = Short to Moderate – Do not want FULL recovery – keeps the body in oxygen deficit helping increase the effects that High Intensity Sprints create
  • Volume = LOW to HIGH – this all depends on frequency of training and fitness level
  • Frequency – 1-4 x’s a week – all depends on overall fitness level
Sample SPEED / PERFORMANCE Based Sprint Workout
1A) Dynamic Warm Up
2A) Sprint Work
80 Yard Build Ups x 6 @ 80-90%
***Minimal Rest – 30-45 secs @ most
20 Yard Sprints x 8
***Walk back fro rest – 30-60 secs @ most
40 Yard Sprints x 6

***Walk back fro rest – 30-60 secs @ most

100 Yard Sprint x 1
 3A) Cool Down / Mobility

With this, you’ll notice there’s a higher amount of volume with a lot less rest in between.

Goal is to keep the INTENSITY as high as possible (100% on each sprint unless noted otherwise).

This type of sprint training keeps you’re heart rate elevated for pretty much the whole session.

A sprint workout for fatloss like the one above will not only help you shred fat, but it’ll help you build up more endurance, strength, and power.

The best part is it only takes you about 30 mins from start to finish.

So that’s the difference between Sprinting for Fat Loss VS. Sprinting for Performance.

Drop your thoughts and questions below if you got em.

Live and Train Aggressive!

PS – For a FULL 7 Week Guide on How To Sprint To Get SHREDDED, check out my manual, “Shredded In 7”.Shredded-in-7-cover-left