The 75 HUNDO Challenge

What do you think would happen if you were to do the following for 30 days straight... 25 reps of X 50 reps of X 75 reps of X Then... 100 reps of X The "X"

Bodyweight Volume Tactic For MORE Strength

KEY NOTES: Use “The Volume Tactic” To Help Increase General To Advanced Bodyweight  Strength and Muscular Endurance Overtime Can Be Used 3-5 Times A Week – All Depending On YOUR Fitness Level Typically Used

Bodyweight Gauntlet Retest

It's been a while since I've hit this challenge. The Bodyweight Gauntlet. It's a test of bodyweight strength and endurance focusing in 4 of the most basics of bodyweight movements. The Squat
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Bodyweight 20 Set Benchmark Test

I love bodyweight training and not just because I've been talking all about it this week, but because it's truly one of my favorite ways to train. There's so many methods
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Some Questions To Ask You... Are YOU still getting "HIIT" Training All Wrong? Do YOU even know what "HIIT" Training is?? Well, I know some people are getting these questions WRONG. I know this
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3 Tips On How To Build MORE STRENGTH With Just Bodyweigtht

Bodyweight Training. I've talked about this subject a LOT. Should you be training with bodyweight in your workouts? Is bodyweight training beneficial for getting stronger? Is bodyweight training beneficial for getting leaner? The answer is
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The No Matter What Method

Let me be honest here and just say it. We've all got that certain movement (or set of movements) that we suck at. It's no lie. We all have some sort of weakness somewhere
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How To Use Submax Training For Better Results

That's a great quote that I can't agree with more because when it comes to achieving more success within your training, nothing's more important to have than the ambition and drive to
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Tabata Finisher Challenge Plus More

I got this the other day from my man Mikey "Pancakes". The dude is always sending me crazy workout challenges and I of course never turn them down. This little challenge, while