Strongman Strength Circuit

Here's a fun little strongman blended mix of strength / power-based movements that will push your strength and conditioning to the next level. Here's the set up: Every Minute On The Minute
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Underground Strength Circuit

While up in the mountains of Vermont at Spartan Race HQ I did a whole lot of training with the crew I was with. We cranked early an AM bodyweight /
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Strength Cardio Finisher

Something I don't see a lot of people doing within their training program is "weighted conditioning" In other words I don't see a ton of people doing things like pushing around
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Gettin’ Lean and Mean

About 6 months ago I met Dennis "Big D" Heenan. Not sure if he's ever been called "Big D" before, but that's what I like to call him as he towers
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Bigger, Better, More BADASS Strength Circuits

Circuit Training... When most people think about "circuit training" they think light weights and lots of reps. I know that's how I used to think. Well, not all circuit training is created equal. You