Are YOU Setting The Example?

If you're a DAD who's SERIOUS about being the LEADER for his family, I know this will hit you hard. If you're a DAD and you feel like this might be


Show me a dad who’s 20-30 lbs overweight, constantly run-down and tired, and I’ll show you a man who’s exactly where he should be.  It's not because he's constantly "unmotivated"... It's not

Why Motivation Is BULLSHIT

Do you want to know the TRUTH about 'MOTIVATION'?? Watch below... Motivation is nothing more than an EMOTION.  It comes and goes.  When you're motivated, things come easier.  You have energy, drive,

The KEYS To Total Transformation

Alright. Let's cut to the chase here. It's the New Year. Time for all of the "New Year's Resolutions" to begin. Time for people to start this and drop that. Time for a "change" right? Every
Forged Strong

Why You Should NEVER Take Short Cuts

I can remember the workout well. It was just a few months back. We were doing a brutal setup that involved doing reps of 50, 40, 30, 20, then 10 of Glute Ham
Forged Strong

How to Build Real Mental Toughness

Get ready to have your mind blown (literally). When it comes to "mental toughness", most people have totally got it all wrong. Most people think that mental toughness is simply all about