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The Hockey Mask Mentality

When I first heard about this I knew I had to share it with you. Just the other morning as I was training a small group of my athletes, I couldn't
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Mentality Monday “Act As If”

Wanted to share this week's "Mentality Monday" message which I sent out weekly on my Aggressive Strength newsletter. If you're not yet subscribed, make sure to add yourself to the list
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The Key To More SUCCESS and Happiness

For this week's Mentality Monday, I wanted to dig in a bit deeper about something I've talked about in the past within my email newsletter and blog. In fact, I've been

Don’t. Ever. Quit. Again!

I wanted to share one of my latest Aggressive Strength Newsletters that I sent out the other day. Got such a massive response from people and I think it's important to
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7X MMA World Champ Talks Shop

About a year and a half ago I had the pleasure of meeting Egan Enoue. In short, Egan is a straight up BADASS. --> A 7x MMA World Champ --> 2x BJJ World
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Think and Grow Strong?

So, I've always stressed a TON about how important it is to have a STRONG MIND for when it comes down to getting better results with your training. When it comes
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The Aggressive Strength Creed

Below is a creed that I try my very best to live my life by. In times where I feel mentally weak or if I need to refocus, I recite this