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What and How I Eat

I get this question a lot... "Travis, what do you eat?" I eat fairly normal. Nothing crazy strict or fancy. Just the good stuff. But, it's not all about WHAT I eat. It's all in the


When it comes down to the TRUTH about what matters most with your nutrition, opinions don't matter. You can say you're eating 'clean', but what the hell does that even mean? You

FUEL Series Part 1: The FUEL Totem Pole

Want to know what matters MOST when it comes to NUTRITION? Do you think it's all about how 'clean' you eat? How's about WHEN you eat and how often? Supplements? What about HOW MUCH

Friday FUEL 11/23 (Coaching REPLAY)

Here's an inside look at the weekly "FUEL Friday" coaching call I do every week for all of my private coaching clients inside Forged STRONG and Forged FATHER. This week was
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Aggressive Strength Talk W/ Nate Miyaki

Just last week I had the privilege of grillin' Nutrition Master Nate Miyaki. This guy knows a thing or two about how to Eat BIG all while keeping and getting himself
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Should You Go GLUTEN-FREE? Part II

If you missed Part I of the Gluten Free interview I did with Dr. Peter Osborne, make sure to check that out HERE first. In part II we get right into
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Should You Go GLUTEN-FREE? Part I

Recently I had a chance to catch up with a friend of mine who calls himself, "The Gluten-Free Warrior". He does this for good reason as he's solely against ALL and