It was a beautiful day for many kettlebells and heavy weights to be thrown around!

Ah, there’s  nothing like TRAINING!

This workout was a burner!


Day 2 Week 3 – Stay Hungry!

1A) Bench Press 8 x 3 (300 x 2)  My bench are slowly getting back up there!

2A) Hang Clean Squat 4 x 5 (Finished with 225 x 5)

2B) Grappler Rotations 4 x 12

3A) Heavy Weighted Dips 2 x 12

3B) Weighted L Seat Pull Ups 2 x Max

3C) Blast Strap Fly Push Ups 2 x Max

“Kettlebell Mayhem” – AMRAP for 10 mins of 5 reps per exercise

4A) Double KB Snatch

4B) Double KB Jerk

4C) Double KB Clean

4D) Double KB Swing

4E) Double KB Rack Lunges

4F) Double KB Bent Row


This was a good ending to a bad ass workout!

I feel like I’m making great gains!

I’ve got to keep climbing and STAY HUNGRY to get even stronger!

Never be satified with were you’re at!  NEVER be comfortable!

Always be getting better!


Get Forged Strong