[KB Workout] The UNSTOPPABLE March

Want a workout you can do outside with only a single Kettlebell? I've got one for you I'd like to share. This was a FUN one... Taken from day 6 of this week’s “Aesthetic

Single Arm Kettlebell Complex (NOT EASY)

Need a quick-hitting workout? Grab your kettlebell and get to work! Do 3-5 Rounds / Side OR Put 5-10 Mins on the Clock and just GRIND :) 6 KB Snatch / Arm 4 KB
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What and How I Eat

I get this question a lot... "Travis, what do you eat?" I eat fairly normal. Nothing crazy strict or fancy. Just the good stuff. But, it's not all about WHAT I eat. It's all in the
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GUEST POST: WHY Your Workouts Suck

This article couldn't have come at a better time. I was just walking in from a sprint session when I checked my email and saw that my buddy and fellow strength
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6 Sprint Swap In Movement Replacements

So it's winter here in Nebraska and it's a COLD one. As I write this blog post it's a bone chilling -16 degrees outside and I can't think of another time
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Crush Your Core In 3 Minutes

So you're still doing crunches huh? If you are, I think it's time you STOP... That is if you want a STRONGER and RIPPED up core. Now, obviously eating lean and mean will
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Gettin’ Lean and Mean

About 6 months ago I met Dennis "Big D" Heenan. Not sure if he's ever been called "Big D" before, but that's what I like to call him as he towers