[KB Workout] The UNSTOPPABLE March

Want a workout you can do outside with only a single Kettlebell? I've got one for you I'd like to share. This was a FUN one... Taken from day 6 of this week’s “Aesthetic

Single Arm Kettlebell Complex (NOT EASY)

Need a quick-hitting workout? Grab your kettlebell and get to work! Do 3-5 Rounds / Side OR Put 5-10 Mins on the Clock and just GRIND :) 6 KB Snatch / Arm 4 KB
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Double Trouble and The Dubz Muscle Up Ladder

Here's a nasty two-part workout for ya... The first is a nasty Kettlebell Complex called, "Double Trouble". The name says it all. For that you'll have 25 minutes to complete 10 full rounds
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Underground Strength Circuit

While up in the mountains of Vermont at Spartan Race HQ I did a whole lot of training with the crew I was with. We cranked early an AM bodyweight /
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10 to 1 Kettlebell Bodyweight Ladder

Here's a nasty little 10 to 1 descending ladder set up I did using 3 different movements. >>> Double KB Deadlifts, Double KB Power Cleans, and Strict Handstand Push Ups. [embedplusvideo height="365"
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GUEST POST: WHY Your Workouts Suck

This article couldn't have come at a better time. I was just walking in from a sprint session when I checked my email and saw that my buddy and fellow strength
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Sample Deload Training Session

Every 4-6 weeks you should be taking a "deload" week. WHY? Just trust me on this. If you want a more in-depth explanation, I go over that in a past blog post HERE. In
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Kettlebell Strength Talk

When it comes down to getting stronger, faster, BETTER, it's about "Owning The Weight". This was one of the main topics my buddy and fellow Kettlebell freak Chris Lopez chatted about