DON’T Wait For Jan 1st

Don't wait until Jan 1st 👎🏻 ⠀ You'll achieve NOTHING in waiting. You'll only be putting off the inevitable. By Jan 1st my goal is to hit Double 88’s for 20 reps unbroken ☠️☠️ ⠀ I’ve got a

Forged SUCCESS Story – Wyatt

Couldn’t be more PROUD Of This Guy... I have a success story to share with you today. This is Wyatt and I’ll tell you, I couldn’t be more proud of this freaking

The Forged FATHER FM Podcast Is HERE!

Finally... After a ton of time wasted, I've fired back up the podcast. What used to be "110HAM Radio" has now morphed into "Forged FATHER FM". This is a special and unique podcast