Lunge Press Clean Complex

Ready for a shoulder burner complex with some legs thrown in for good measure? Here's how this one rolls... 5 Drop Lunge / Leg 5 Alternating Piston Press / Arm 5 Cleans Then 4, 3,

The “DDB” Double KB Complex

I work with a LOT of DADS who are short on time. To challenge them, I create a LOT of quick Kettlebell supersets, circuits, EMOM's, and AMRAPs to build strength

Swing Snatch Lunge Kettlebell Complex

This is a great little Kettlebell Complex that flows together really well. I like to hit it EMOM style focusing on one arm every minute and rotating arms every round. Not so

Full Body 32 Minute EMOM Workout

If you're busy like pretty much everyone is, this one is for you. All you need is 32 minutes and a set of Kettlebells and a Box. This is a solid full

The “.45 Complex” Method

There's a system I like to use when creating some of my complexes. This particular one is The ".45 Complex" Method. I take 3 movements and combine them into a complex chain

The “321 KB Burpee Hybrid Complex”

Here's a quick one for you. Hit this after my main session yesterday to get some blood flowing and sweat dripping. If you’re ever in a pinch for time (which I know

[KB Workout] The UNSTOPPABLE March

Want a workout you can do outside with only a single Kettlebell? I've got one for you I'd like to share. This was a FUN one... Taken from day 6 of this week’s “Aesthetic

Strongman Strength Circuit

Here's a fun little strongman blended mix of strength / power-based movements that will push your strength and conditioning to the next level. Here's the set up: Every Minute On The Minute
Forged Strong

Stones And Density Training

One of my favorite odd-object strength tools has got to be the atlas stone. I LOVE training with these things. While the stones I've got aren't extremely heavy, they're still a bitch